Our Vision

To build The Church, and see the Kingdom of Heaven established in our City, our Nation, and our World.


The church was Jesus’ idea and so we are deliberate in seeing it become a positive influence in our City, our nation, and our world. Our prayer for you is that by connecting with Life Church you’ll be truly blessed. We are believing God for the very best for you.


Our desire is that you will make a connection with God and experience a genuinely positive difference in your world, something that will add value, destiny and purpose to every aspect of your life. We want you to encounter the tangible reality and presence of God. We pray that in our vision, mission and in our message you’ll see the value we have for people, who we believe “MATTER TO GOD”.


The heartbeat of our church is in fact PEOPLE, both those who are already a part of Life Church and those around us in our community. So our commitment will always be to be there for people. We believe that as we demonstrate the love of God in everything we do, we become what the church was always intended to be, a life giving community of people in our world.


So no matter what your background, where you come from or where you are at right now, we know that God has a plan and a purpose for your life and our goal is to help you find and fulfill all that He has for you.

Our Mission

Is to empower life by;

creating a passion for God, helping people, reaching our city, and by touching our World.

Community Active

One of the key mandates given to us – the Church – is to offer hope for humanity. Many of the great humanitarian organisations within the world – World Vision, The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Compassion International – to name a few, found their beginnings in the Vision of the Church. Motivated by key values, like 1 Timothy 6:18: “do good”, “be rich in good works” and “be generous and ready to share”. In keeping with this rich tradition and clear mandate, Life Church encourages people to engage with humanitarian and community organisations, volunteering whatever and wherever they are able.


This is to enrich, support, and empower local, national, and international groups. Such initiatives include Life Care, assisting in the relief of poverty on the Sunshine Coast; Teen Challenge Kazakhstan (drug rehabilitation); Operation Uganda (child sponsorship); Destiny Rescue Cambodia (sex slavery rescue); and Community Church Philippines (education and orphan care). Our Senior Pastor encourages people to engage and volunteer their time to community and benevolent organisations. He personally sits on the Human Research Ethics Committee for the Sunshine Coast University, and has participated in a number of community building exercises to cheer on and support the local community with as much of his time and energy as possible. He is not alone in this commitment as many members of Life Church are engaged in humanitarian endeavors here and overseas.


Matthew 25:35

“For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home.” – Jesus

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